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Endorsements of The Lost Commandment

 "This vivid, Christ-centered, down-to-earth delineation of the heart of real discipleship will come as a challenge to everyone who reads it."
--J.I. Packer
Best-selling author, Knowing God and numerous other books
"The Lost Commandment resurrects a critical and foundational truth that is key to God's people experiencing and transferring his powerful presence to his church. The 'Lost Commandment' is the key to authentic Christianity."
--Tony Evans
Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas, TX
President, The Urban Alternative
"The Lost Commandment is a clear and powerful challenge to love others the way Jesus loves us. Individually or in small group discussions, Dave Greber's book will guide you on an exciting, life-challenging journey."
--Garry Poole
Speaker and author, Seeker Small Groups
"The Lost Commandment provides a compelling vision for transforming the church and reaching the world by learning how to delight in the sacrificial, reconciling love of Christ and letting it flow through us into the lives of every person we meet. A book that every Christian should read, study, and joyfully live out in daily life."
--Ken Sande
President, Peacemaker Ministries and author of The Peacemaker
"In Knowing God, J. I. Packer distinguished knowing about God from knowing God personally; thousands were blessed by his words. In The Lost Commandment, Dave Greber distinguishes the Golden Rule from the 'new commandment' Jesus gave his followers; thousands will be blessed by his words. The Lost Commandment is a great book--valuable for new Christians, yet more than a refresher course for veterans in the faith."
--Kenneth G. Elzinga
Robert C. Taylor Professor of Economics, University of Virginia
"In this book, Dave Greber provides some fresh, original thinking about Jesus' 'Lost Commandment.' You cannot read this and remain the same."
--R. Dallas Greene
Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church, Frederick, MD
"In this well-written, practical book, the heart and calling of Jesus is put on clear display."
--Jeff Bogue
Lead Pastor, Grace Church, Greater Akron, OH
"The Lost Commandment has impacted my thinking and my preaching and my life. My prayers for others and with others have changed. It has even changed how I view and work with people who are difficult to love!"
--Michael Brubaker
Pastor, Grace Community Church, Frederick, MD
"My small group loved studying this convicting, insightful, practical, and thought-provoking book. The Lost Commandment helped us deepen our walk with Christ by showing us how to live out Jesus' command to love one another as he has loved us."
--Monte Festog
Small group leader


“Every once in a while there is a book whose message is so powerful, it touches your soul to the core. For me, this book is it. The words of Christ seem simple enough, but the message speaks volumes about how to live as his follower. Dave Greber, an attorney and Bible teacher, uses scripture, personal stories, and common sense to show how we can follow Christ in our everyday lives.

Greber's text describes seven essential aspects of living as Christ taught: joy, relationship, mission, humility, obedience, forgiveness, and service. The appendix contains additional scriptures focusing on the "lost commandment" as well as instructions on how to create a reading plan for studying the Bible. Greber's website at davegreber.com has an eleven-page study guide, directions for an eight-week study, and chapter questions. This is a perfect book for discussion by groups of teens and adults.”

--Mary Lou Henneman

Boardman United Methodist Church, Boardman, Ohio